Piano Bench Cushionfor Modern Apartment interior Furniture

For new couples, we are sure you would find the great place for starting your live, and this modern apartment which is applies piano bench cushion promises you for having the great experience to stay there. This apartment is not only giving the comfort living space, but also the impression of friendly, love is able to be tasted. Chic apartment which is located in Chelsea, New York City, USA has complete facilities. It is not enough for a couple; spacious space will be enough for your family.

This modern apartment design has piano bench cushion DIY and 4 bedrooms. It means you are not only one who lives inside, but you may bring your lovely wife. Moreover, it includes the bathrooms which are placed inside of the bedrooms. The area is about 4000 square foot. The building looks so strong with the concrete material in brown color. It looks so great with many windows on the wall.

Going inside, we are welcomed by the beautiful room which has piano there. It will be good for listening the owner to play the piano. While listening the piano, let us see how beautiful interior inside. The floor looks beautiful with its wood color. Some walls are hanged by some paintings; it adds the room look beautiful. Moreover, for the wallpaper, it is bright, dominated by white color. It makes the room felt larger.

Moreover, for the rug, we will find the black rug with some wooden chairs. It is very interesting. It looks so elegant, that we can find some ornaments above of the storage cabinet. The soft curtain is suitable also with the calm color of the room. Light yellow with the natural lightings from outside makes it perfect. Kitchen room is also designed perfectly. It is very beautiful with the best appearance in every side. The cabinet has beautiful color and it is made from the wood. Moreover, for the other kitchen fixtures, we can see it looks so modern. Modern apartment design with piano bench cushion ideas are the real of paradise in the middle of city, so what you are waiting for.