Grass Rugas Floor Decoration in Contemporary Home Interior

Looking for the real paradise, most of people would find it in spectacular view; it is not only for coming there, but many people build contemporary house with grass rug there for finding the real paradise. Dublin Street House, designed by Queenstown-based Kerr Ritchie located in New Zealand is a special house which is built to welcome the amazing view around. The beautiful lake and the elegant interior of this house becomes personal feature for the house. It is very interesting house.

This beautiful contemporary house design has some bedrooms which are decorated with grass rug outdoor. Every bedroom is designed beautifully in order to get the comfort sleeping. Moreover, some walls are made from the glass material in order to catch the view around. The house is very interesting, especially with the interior. We can see for the living space, the wall is designed from the wood. Moreover, for the floor, it looks so elegant with shining marble. It is very nice.

Moreover for the kitchen room, it looks so modern, with the amazing wooden kitchen see. The table is made from the wood for the legs. For the cover, it is covered by metallic. The wooden chairs are unique. For the storage place, we can find the beautiful storage place in modern design. It becomes wall, and it looks so expensive. The room looks more interesting when while cooking we are enjoying the amazing lake over there.